4 Reasons why having people skills is more important than formal education.

Going to college is an amazing experience. Dedicating a portion of your young life to develop skills and learn how to succeed in the real world is a journey you will never forget.

But what about the things school can’t teach you?

How about dealing with people? Or making a good first impression? Getting people to like you? Working successfully with a stubborn boss or co-worker?

How can we teach this? We can’t. Sure you could locate reading material on the subject but we cannot teach attributes in the same fashion as reading and mathematics.

People skills and “how to deal with people” in general is an ability that must be acquired. Some people learn them, others do not learn as fast, and some don’t learn at all.

Here are some reasons why having people skills can is more important than having formal education.

1. Getting a job will never be an issue.

According to the bureau of labor statistics, the customer service industry had over 2 million open positions in 2013 and over 15.8 million positions in sales. & that number is growing. 

These are industries that do not require college degrees but still have upward mobility. In sales, one has the ability to create a lucrative income by earning commission for all transactions. One could easily rival the pay check of their college educated, degree wielding friends by working in sales. 

2. You will always have connections.

In addition to always having a job, when you have people skills you are able to make connections. When you have connections or “plugs” as I like to call them, you have access to more resources. Knowing the right people can also help you out with finding employment as well as just making life easier.

It’s awesome knowing a bartender or bouncer to help you get drinks or skip lines, but it’s just as awesome to know the CEO of a company. Any resource that can make life easier is a good one and having people skills will help you meet these plugs.

3. Your conversations will never be dull.

Having went to college and graduated I can tell from personal testimonies that you will meet a lot of intelligent people who can ace a test but fail so miserably at the social aspect of life. 

What do I really mean? I’m talking about people who achieve great success in school but have no real social value that accentuates the lives of others.

These are people who struggle with building relationships. People who are not comfortable or have little interest in meeting new people; they care so much about their priorities that they lose sight of the fact that we all need resources from each other to succeed and consequently don’t reach out to others.

When the time comes that they do need to reach out to others or have some sort of social obligation like any of the following:

·         Birthday parties

·         Family get togethers

·         Job interviews

·         Weddings

They have so little experience in building these crucial relationships that they fail to do so in life. By either being awkward or having nothing to exchange, others don’t find their presence valuable and therefore would rather spend their time with other people. 

When you have people skills this will not be the result. People will find you attractive or mentally stimulating in some fashion and choose to spend their time with you in addition to giving you access to any resources they have. These resources could be as simple as a retail discount at your favorite shoe store or a job interview at your dream firm.

4. You will always be preferred over other job candidates.

Here is a very important thing to mention. Looking great on paper with an outstanding resume is good. But more and more companies are putting an emphasis on company culture. “Does this person fit in with our company?” The resume is less important now a days and companies are challenging candidates to have the duality of looking great on paper while also fitting in with the company culture. 

According to an article on usnews.com,(http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2014/05/20/employers-cultural-fit-not-gpa-most-important-for-job-seekers)

“Most companies surveyed said that “cultural fit” carries the most weight when considering an applicant, while grade-point average mattered least.” 

This means that the emphasis is on you! The resume is the least relevant thing on the table and it’s time for you to show off that human capitol you have inside of you. 

If all you have is a dazzling resume and no ability to show people why you are right for the job…then you might be out of luck.

I do understand that some of these jobs will require further education; however the rules still apply. A doctoral graduate with an amazing personality will always get the job over the precocious Harvard grad who lacks the social piece.



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