3 Giant Reasons Why You Should Be More Outgoing

1.Outgoing people gain access to more resources

Most outgoing people love to meet and surround themselves with new people. This is an advantage that most introverts will never know. But there are such great benefits to this that you can’t afford to not do it.

In order to illustrate this example, let’s look at people like they are individual nations with precious resources. What if each new person that came into your life was a precious natural resource that you could gain? And the more people you met, the more resources you had.

What are some of the things that determine the power of a nation?

  • A strong economy.
  • Military presence/Alliances
  • Population
  • Technology

If every person was a nation, wouldn’t you want to gain as many resources as possible? Naturally the weakest nations would be the ones with the fewest resources who failed to seek out and acquire them. This is why it is so important to constantly surround yourself with new people; to obtain those new resources. What are these resources that these people have? Resources could range from any of the following:

  • Knowledge & know how that you wish to possess.
  • A person who knows another person that has the information your need.
  • Ability to get you a job or get you in the door for an interview.
  • An extensive network that you want to also be a part of.

When the resources of other people become yours and vice versa, it creates a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties gain. The Individuals you came into contact with who benefited from your resources might even tell other nations (people) about you, thus creating a positive brand associated with your country (yourself). This could lead to even more nations (people) wanting to exchange resources with you, adding to your power and status as a nation (person).

  1. The world doesn’t favor a shy personality

Society has conditioned us to believe that it is unnatural or not normal to be secluded. This explains why in grade school everyone had that “one kid” in class who was “Weird” or “odd” because he sat away from everyone or didn’t play with the class at recess. So at an age before we even learn what introverts and extroverts are, we’ve already created a negative stigma and looked down on those who are not as outgoing.

In addition, don’t you like to be around people who are friendly and always having fun or doing new cool things? Maybe not 100% of the time, but certainly we can agree that the majority of people enjoy the presence of someone who is fun and pursues actions that accentuate their life as opposed to another individual who keeps to him/herself and is never or is hardly bringing excitement into his/her own life.

This makes extroverts and more outgoing people more favorable candidates for:

  • New Hires and Promotions
  • Party & social gathering invitees
  • Awards and achievements
  • Romantic relationships

Not to say that introvert’s or less outgoing people cannot achieve these same things however I am saying that those who are more outgoing (more times than not) have an edge.

  1. Outgoing people create opportunities

There are two types of people in this world, people who watch things happen and people who make things happen. We’ve all heard the saying “When opportunity knocks, answer the door”. But what about those nights when you just sit at home to a quiet house and never hear knocks?

These “Knocks”, or opportunities, don’t just show up out of thin air and success isn’t a result of luck, but more so preparation and action. ACTION; that is the key. Here are some simple actions can create excellent opportunities:

  • Approaching people and introducing yourself.
  • Attending open houses and networking events
  • Applying to leadership roles
  • Following up on promises and obligations
  • Making your work or passion known to the public

Introducing yourself to someone can be HUGE. I have a short story that illustrates how introducing myself to someone, in addition to acting on a few of these other bullet points, changed my life.

I work in retail. At Cole Haan. It’s an upscale shoe/leather goods store.

One day a gentleman came in looking at a rather pricy duffle bag, I approached the man and asked him where he was from. (Opportunity created. Approaching people) It turned out he was a local who was looking for a bag for work/travel. As I began explaining the features of the bag, we started talking more casually until he asked me if I was in school. “Yes” I replied. “What’s your major?” He asked. “Marketing” I replied. It turned out he was an alumni from my university and was also a marketing major.

I asked him if he had a hard time finding employment after graduation and he said “No, it wasn’t too difficult.” I then had to ask, “So where do you work?” “I work at Gartner.” He said. I had heard of the firm but I didn’t know they were a fortune 300 company, had the 4th most difficult interview process in the United States and made some good money. He told me I should apply for their internship next summer and gave me his business card. That was an opportunity, created by approaching him. Next I had to follow up, so I did.

I ended up applying for a full time position despite not having the credentials, in order to speak with someone and get a better idea of what the firm actually did. The next move was attending a career open house 3 months later where I met the recruiter for Gartner’s summer internship. (Introducing myself again and creating the opportunity).

I followed up with everyone I had met that day with a simple email.

At the end of that year, I had been selected as an intern for Gartner and by the end of that following summer, they offered me a job. ALL BECAUSE I INTRODUCED MYSELF TO SOMEONE. You never know who anyone could be so please, this really pay’s off, get out there and shake hands with some people!


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